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Useful Links

Goverment Agencies

Internal Revenue Service
Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs Information on Buying a Home
Massachusetts Attorney General
Massachusetts Division of Registration: Check on Licenses of Tradespeople and Professionals
Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor Lookup
Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs
Commonwealth of Massahusetts Board of Registration List of Licensed Home Inspectors

Business Organizations

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants

Information Systems Audit & Control Association
Find a Chamber of Commerce near you
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Financial Websites

Motley Fool
Boston Globe listing of recent real estate sales in a neighborhood
Boston Globe Payment Calculator
Boston Globe Income Calculator
Boston Globe up-front Cost Calculator
Balloon payments calculator Mortgage Rates

Consumer Websites

Consumer World
Federal Citizens Information Center
Federal Trade Commision Consumer Protection

Real Estate Websites

National Association of Home Builders Guide to Buying a New Home
Realtor .com Find a Home On-line
Massachusetts Law about Real Estate
National Association of Home inspectors (Find a Home Inspector)
American Society of Home Inspectors

Transportation Websites

Mapquest helpful driving directions
MBTA web site, Transportation Maps, Schedules, and Pass Programs

Search Engines

Verizon Super Pages


Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download Adobe eBook Reader
Download Microsoft Internet Explorer
Download Netscape Navigator Web Browser

Computer Equipment

Dell Home Office Store

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contact so that we can correct the problem.

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